Cybersecurity: Eight Ways To Keep Yourself And Your Family Safer

Cyber fraud continues to escalate and is ever changing. Keeping your information secure from criminals is a top priority for our firm. To help better protect you and your accounts from emerging threats, we periodically host special cybersecurity events.

At our most recent cybersecurity event, Gary Rossi, Head of Cyber Fraud & Personal Security Insights Program at Fidelity Investments, gave an invaluable presentation on the current state of cyber threats and some best practices to combat these risks. (Please see Personal Security Brochure and Make Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals from Fidelity for an in-depth discussion of the topics that Gary covered.)

We understand this is a great deal of information to process and put into practice in one sitting, but we believe these are serious threats that our clients should be aware of and should take steps to protect themselves from. To that end, we’re presenting the eight best things you can do to protect yourself from today’s cyberthreats.