For more than four decades, McRae Capital has helped families just like yours manage their investments. As an independent investment counseling firm of investment advisers, McRae is held to a higher standard than brokers, and our simple, transparent fee structure makes sure our interests are always aligned with yours. Let us show how our personal approach helps investors like you control your investments while planning wisely for all the costs of running a family. Find out more.

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Retirement doesn’t happen all at once—it’s a process. Whether it’s strategically setting up retirement accounts, leveraging all available tax advantages, or understanding the rules around minimum required distributions, we’ve helped many clients position themselves for success as they prepare for this important new chapter in their lives. Find out more. 

With proper planning, the benefits of a lifetime of hard work can sustain your family long after you’re gone. McRae has the knowledge and experience to make this process efficient and seamless, including helping you designate executors and beneficiaries, meet your legal and financial responsibilities, and limit the tax liability of the estate as you transfer wealth to the next generation. Find out more.

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College has never been more expensive, and for young couples just getting started, budgeting for children’s higher education can represent a heavy burden. McRae’s seasoned advisers can help you navigate the complex world of 529 plans and related financial instruments, understand the the limitations of scholarships, and optimize the value of early contributions as you make this critical investment in your family’s future. Find out more.

One of the most satisfying ways to leverage the fruits of your success is by supporting a charitable organization that inspires you. McRae can help you understand the tax implications and use tools like Annual Gifting Exclusions, Community Foundations, and Donor-Advised Accounts to ensure the institutions you believe in receive the full benefit of your generosity. Find out more.

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There’s nothing easy about the end of a marriage…but you don’t have to go it alone. McRae’s advisers can help you properly valuate joint assets, divide them equitably and efficiently, and minimize the impact on long-term financial strategies like retirement and higher education. It’s hard to focus on finances and paperwork during emotionally charged times, and our clients have found it extremely helpful to have a sure hand at the wheel to help them know what to do and how to get it done right. Find out more.

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