Investing in bonds lets you, finally, be the banker. A guide to the basics. (Part 1 of 2)

Bonds can play a number of roles in a well-balanced portfolio. Here's how. (Part 2 of 2)

giving is thoughtful, generous and complicated. McRae can help.

Here's how to make sure your charitable endeavors make the impact you're looking for.

estate planning

Estate planning is about making smart choices so your wealth will outlive you. Here's how it's done.

Coming into a windfall can open up new opportunities—and raise new financial concerns.

first job financial advice

Good financial habits start early—a little helpful advice can help the young person in your life get it right.

having children is exciting. time to plan for a beautiful future.

A new baby means new obligations and key decisions. Here's how to get your finances in order.

Turning 60? There'san important conversation you should have.

Retiring well starts with wisely planning the process—read on to find out how.

Saving for college is important, and McRae Capital Management can help you understand how to do it.

The overriding message when it comes to paying for college: Don't wait for the details.

Incorporating prudent financial planning for families for future events is about much more than maximizing short-term returns—it’s about helping you achieve life goals.

Financial planning for families is about more than maximizing short-term returns—it’s about helping achieve life goals.

You can't always plan for emergencies. There really is no financial planning around divorce or a loss in the family. However, there are steps to take to help ease some of the burden. When things are at their worst, take time to breathe and think clearly. McRae Capital Management is here to help.

When bad things happen, such as losing a loved one, or a divorce, taking a few key steps can help ease the burdens that we're never fully prepared for, emotionally.

McRae Capital's 40th Anniversary badge.

40 years after our 1981 launch, McRae Capital Management is still going strong. Here's why.

The greatest risk for individuals and families living on an asset is drawing the principal down too quickly and exhausting it – a euphemism for “running out of money.” The only sound way to manage one’s nest egg through time is to plan, budget, and be disciplined. McRae Capital Management is here to help you in living off retirement savings.

You want to live comfortably and enjoy life, but you also may want to leave a legacy once you're gone. Here's how to do it all.

Understanding your investments is important. By keeping both the investment and management process transparent, McRae Capital Management helps you understand how your portfolio is working for you.

People buy a home because they know what they want. With investments, they know where they want to go, but not how to get there. Here's help.

Investment strategy and the media.

There’s enough investing information being dispensed through the popular media to keep you going around in circles. Here's some advice for surviving all the spin.

International investing is part of a diversified portfolio. However, there are ways to invest without having to take as much risk. McRae Capital Management can help you diversify while managing risk.

Many investors are making an allocation to international stocks. If foreign travel broadens your perspective, foreign investing diversifies one’s portfolio. But there are risks.

Stocks generally command the news headlines and investors’ attention. Bonds have an image problem...but they can be very important to your portfolio. Here's a guide.

When comparing a Registered Investment Adviser RIA vs Mutual Funds, it's not an apples to apples comparison. McRae Capital wants you to know the difference.

Mutual funds are the most widely promoted investment vehicle in the world. But that doesn’t mean people know what they are—and what they’re not.

Long term investing for families is not as easy as you might think. Emotion often dominates an investor's rationality when it comes to making good long-term investment decisions. McRae Capital Management takes a closer look at some of the emotional and psychological factors that interfere with individuals’ abilities to be better investors.

From the biggest purchase decisions—like a home—to ordinary ones, emotional feelings and preferences tend to have the last word. Investments are no different.

I didn’t set out to be an investment professional, but when the time came to start my career, the choice was a natural one...

The investment markets move up or down all the time. Sometimes they move more violently and aggressively than at others. When market volatility is higher during these times, McRae Capital Management offers you strategies to help get through.

Meet Spike and Slam—the nasty duo that engineers wild stock market gyrations that drive most investors right out of their ticker.

Successful investing involves sticking to principles that have been proven to work for family investing over time. McRae Capital Management shares 15 key principles of our investment philosophy.

On the occasion of McRae's 15th anniversary, Rod McRae shares 15 timeless tenets of successful investing

Certain characteristics provide a better chance for success when investing over the long term. Looking for advice buying bonds? McRae Capital Management offers our insight.

When it comes to getting your money back at maturity, bonds are, generally, quite safe. But there are two principal risks associated with them.

Certain characteristics provide a better chance for success when looking at long term family investing. McRae Capital Management offers our insight.

Compounding is a key issue for the investor, but it's difficult to focus long term when all one reads and hears is oriented toward the short term.

An investment adviser has two primary functions: to take a specific sum of money and preserve it, and to make that money grow.

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