McRae Capital 40th Anniversary 1981-2021
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McRae Capital Management Celebrates 40 Years

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Life Stages

End of Life Planning

How can I lessen the emotional and financial burden on my family in my final days? From selecting an assisted living facility to choosing a healthcare representative, we can help you make confident, dignified end of life decisions.
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Life Stages

Estate Planning

You don't want your lifetime of hard work taxed and whittled away. How can you preserve family wealth for the next generation? McRae can bring decades of experience to bear when considering trusts, updating wills, avoiding unnecessary taxes, and much more.
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How do you know when it's the "right time" to retire? To take Social Security? Is what you've saved enough? What if the market crashes? Retirement is a complex and personal decision, but we can help you organize your investments for a lifetime of stability and security.
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Life Stages

Having Children

Babies are a handful, and you know there's no money to set aside for college funds now-but you're worried about tomorrow coming up fast. Expanding insurance, saving for college, and controlling new expenses are a few of the critical details good planning can help you handle.
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Life Stages


House and car payments, utility bills, and all the other family costs make it hard to save and plan. There will be time for that later, right? We can help you handle the financial hits like a house and a wedding, and help set your new family up for long term success.