The Cocktail Party Syndrome

When holiday season comes around, seems like people get together for the three things they love best: Good friends, good times, and giving unsolicited advice. For some people (possibly after a drink or two), the party crowd starts to seem like a willing audience, and they start to think of themselves as an expert. This is fine when you’re talking about sports or politics, but when this conversation turns to investments, this can lead to an unfortunate situation we call the Cocktail Party Syndrome. Click on the video below to see what we mean:

At McRae Capital we don’t just think about investing and family finances once in awhile—we live and breathe it every day. Our expertise is founded on forty plus years of investing experience for families, individuals, and corporate clients. If you want to speak with an investment adviser or learn more about how McRae can help you develop a strategic plan for yourself or your household, give us a call at 973-387-1080.

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